Feeding a Newborn Child

January 6, 2016 - Baby Care, Daddy Blog

Feeding a newborn is not very hard if you know how to hold the baby properly. Always provide gentle support to baby’s neck and head. Daddy you may be macho muscle man but you have to soften your body so that baby can find comfort.

Also if your baby’s mother is breastfeeding the baby than submit to her. Make her feel like queen/princes. Breast feeding creates strong bond between family members. In the long run breast feeding will give you healthy baby with strong immune system.

Now when you are feeding the baby; make sure you hold the baby properly. You have to make sure baby’s body is not in horizontal position, rather 30/40 slanting position. Make a lot conversation while feeding the baby. They already heard you many time while in the womb. Conversation will give the baby proper Identity, Confidence and Existence. Later in my blog, I will explain what do I mean by Identity, Confidence and Existence? Give 2 ounce every 2-3 hours but also let the baby cry for milk too. Crying will help lung development but don’t let them cry too long. once you done feeding the baby make sure you burp the baby (check Video). Pat gently on the back and after couple of second or a minute you will hear the burp. Some time baby will burp out some milk. You might want to use burp towel/napkin/cloth. Fathers around the world feeding your new born is your right. Practice it with joy.